Between Heaven and Hell - 26-track CD

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Spoken word, atmospheric and doom-laden recordings. Moans & chants, mysticism & magic, poetry, folk & nursery rhymes, bird-mask paganism and dog-face demons, and babies thrown downstairs.

Although our focus is now on the written word, we particularly enjoy the exhilaration of spoken word. In order to obtain ecstatic breathlessness we shout with a loud shout into the microphone - the ‘meat of god’ is recorded, and we are well pleased with ourself. So much so that the desire to excite compassion with low moans often proceeds from mournful chants, and we despatch the dead with general applause. We play tapes backwards, fabricated for sinister purposes; and, in the prime of life, we recite nursery rhymes, as if the dread ghost of Constance Kent is upon us.

It is an obscure eccentricity, between heaven and hell. The whole of English folkery and whimsy will bring men to discover a thousand strange events; and women, being swooned away at the taking of the pins, will run a course of all diseases of the head. This unrestrained indulgence excites pity amongst the rascal classes. But we shout our thoughts loud and clear, whence they become words of terror for which we gladly encounter torture and death.

Track listing:
Time to go home (version 2)
Black angel
On top of brick mount
Communion with my happy god
My star is in the ascendant
The feminine brutalist (part 2)
Billet spied, bolt sped
She is brutal to my sight
In such a place for the blind & insane
When all the madness comes
Blind Samson (give me space to live, leave me room to die)
Levitation, moving lights
Lovely girl from dreamland
Invocation of Honorius
Come into my garden
Here comes my mistress
Marguerite spirit (my spirit is flying)
A sensuous soul
The feminine brutalist (part 1)
There was a man of double deed
Hey, rub a dub dub
Time to go home