The Marriage Of Celestial Things 

Incorporating orchestral, ambience, and a holler. Under the illusion of any of the special senses, the artist manifested the Divine, an unequivocal series of observations which took place spontaneously. This new insight dealing with the progression of things corporeal to spiritual or immaterial has occupied the thoughts of mesmerists and madmen alike, disregarding the occasionally varying disposition of the arterial system and the occasional spurt of blood (the subject of the artist's next album).

'All that die infants must come back into the world, for the earth refuses to bear them, and harbourless souls, crowding into hollow trees, are enveloped in the shadow of the earth. “Hush, sleep awhile!” And some celestial flesh, clothed in eternity, clapped up the air and secured its abode in an inferior place. Yet working itself up aloft, the flesh came near to an altar, and ministered in a holy place.'

1. Creation
2. The last day
3. The enclosure
4. The looking-glass
5. The crystalline vessel
6. The enclosed virgin
7. The marriage of celestial things
8. The crowns of glory